Let it Go or Let it Be?

When it comes to mindfulness – we always have a choice. Dwell in the sadness, fear and anger of “what might happen” or touch the present moment with curiosity and hope. During these uncertain times, this might sound like “pie in the sky” denial. But being in the present moment has nothing to do with denial. Being in the present moment has everything to do with touching what is happening – both outside and inside – with compassion and care.

In the mindfulness world, the phrase “let it go” may sound like denial or suppression. However, as we practice being present moment by moment, a better phrase during these trying times might be, “let it be.” We may not be able to change the current circumstances, but we can relax into “let it be” and notice our breath, notice the opening around our heart, notice the outside world – sky, clouds, sunshine, rain – and know that we are interconnected with the entire universe.

Rob Burbea, in his book, “Seeing that Frees” says “letting go” truly means “letting be.” He writes, “Rather than ‘getting rid of,” here letting go mean ‘letting be.’ And letting be means the pacification of the push and pull of craving – of mentally and energetically grasping after, rejecting, and preferring. …It may be surprising perhaps, but as we practice letting go and releasing craving in this way, we discover clearly for ourselves that it does not lead to a coldness of a closing of the heart.” (P. 163)

In Chapter 7 of our book, “Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World,” Mark Williams and Danny Penman look at “The Mouse in the Maze” – the push and pull of the directions we want our lives to take, the ways we want things to be different. The practice is a mindful movement meditation here in which we are invited to stretch our bodies without striving for them to be a certain way. Mindful movement gives us the opportunity to not only open our bodies, but to open our hearts – releasing all of the ways we want things to be different.

Try it! My morning is now evolving to meditation and mindful movement. Join me!

With much Metta


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